What can therapy help with?

sessions for depression


Are you tired of waking up in the morning feeling as if there is a dark cloud above your head that takes away all the joy and motivation in your life? This is what depression does to you! 

Depression makes it difficult to look at life from anything but negative angles.  You may feel low, lethargic or irritable and lacking in motivation to do anything. Even getting out of bed can be a chore let alone be social and active. If this is how you would describe yourself get in touch today. Therapy can help you to change the way you see and do things so you can claim your life back.

anxiety sessions


Feelings of anxiety can vary from feeling on edge, irritable and stressed to having heart palpitations, fast breathing and other physiological symptoms. Anxiety is a natural response from our bodies that something needs attention. When this response becomes imbalanced we start to feel anxious all the time or in disproportion to the current situation. 

Therapy can aid in restoring this balance and is effective in treating many forms of anxiety including generalised anxiety disorder (GAD), social or stress related.  It can also help to alleviate anxiety caused by past traumatic experiences (PTSD). 

sessions for phobias


Phobia is a strong fear of something, be it a situation, an animal or object and whether you think of it as irrational or not, that can be very frightening and debilitating.

Fear is a natural response to dangerous situations. A phobia is when you experience fear in the absence of danger.  A phobia whether of height, enclosed spaces, needles or mushrooms, can limit your ability to enjoy life to the full. 

The good news is that phobias are usually learnt through past events or conditioning behaviours and therefore can be unlearnt with the help of therapy, particularly hypnotherapy. Get in touch and start expanding your boundaries today. 

sessions for weight loss

Weight Management

Have you tried all sots of diets out there and still struggling to lose weight? Have you ever thought that perhaps the solution may be in a change of mindset rather than food types? 

Weight management is much more than losing a few pounds – it is a life style, but going it alone can feel like an uphill battle. Hypnotherapy can help you retrain your mindset and help you to not only change your perception of healthy living but enjoy doing it. 

Don’t let your past experiences of losing weight put you off having the weight and life you always wanted. 

hypnosis to stop smoking

Smoking Cessation

It is not a secret that smoking is bad for you. Sometimes all it takes to stop smoking is stopping! However, for some people smoking is much more than just a habit. It can be a way of coping with other issues such as stress or boredom. 

Hypnotherapy can help you uncover these issues so you can deal with them and become a non-smoker. Imagine having clean breath, nice smelling clothes and the ability to really taste your food again while saving yourself a significant amount of money?  

sessions for help with sleep


Do you find yourself turning in bed at night pleading with yourself to go to sleep to then just become even more awake as frustration settles in? Or perhaps you manage to fall asleep to then wake up a few minutes later and struggle to sleep again?

No matter how well you eat or how much you exercise, lack of good sleep can result in serious physical and psychological problems such as heart disease, inflammation, anxiety and depression. Being able to sleep will not only improve your concentration and performance but boost your mood and wellbeing. 

Hypnotherapy can help you deal with any issues that may be keeping you awake at night so you can enjoy good sleeping patterns and improve your wellbeing. 

choose your hypnosis

Your needs

Every person is unique and even people with the same problem will have differing perceptions and needs. That is why I provide an individual approach to every client.  

You deserve to have the life you want. Whether you need to stop an unhelpful behaviour, stop an addiction, learn to love yourself, gain confidence or just want someone to listen to what you are going through without judgement, I am here to help.