Frequently Asked Questions

Hypnosis has been described as an altered state of mind, induced by relaxation or deep focus and awareness, that allows you to overpass your critical thinking mind. In this state you become more susceptible to suggestions and in the hands of an experienced hypnotherapist, these suggestions can help you to change unwanted behaviours and attitudes. 

Hypnotherapy is the use hypnosis as a tool for therapeutic change.  The advantage of using hypnosis in therapy is that it allows people to explore painful thoughts, feelings, and memories they might have hidden from their conscious minds without the need to be fully connected to the feelings and emotions. In addition, hypnosis enables people to perceive some things differently, such as blocking an awareness of pain or changing a habit. Learn more…



The experience of hypnosis is very subjective as individuals report an array of sensations, feelings and perceptions. This can include feeling relaxed and sleepy or completely aware of everything that is going on. Others report a chatty and wandering mind, while others hold on to every word that is being said. It is important to remember that whatever you experience, it is your own reality and appropriate to your own needs and personality. Just as two people looking at the same sunset will have different perceptions or the view, so hypnosis will be experienced differently depending on your own personal subjective perception. Learn More…

No, during hypnosis you have full awareness and control and can stop it anytime you want. Hypnotherapy is based on suggestions which you may or may not wish to internalise. Anything that might go against your values will simply be ignored.

No, during hypnosis you can stop a session at any point you wish. Even if the session is online and you lose connection you will just return to an alert state after a few minutes and will be able to function normally. 

In the first session we aim to discuss your needs, clarify your problem and how therapy may or may not help you. We can also discuss your experience with hypnosis and answer any questions you may have about the process.  If you wish you can experience a relaxation session to get a feel for what hypnotherapy can do for you. You will never have to do anything you are not ready for or comfortable with.

The first session will last between 60 to 90 minutes and any follow up sessions will last 60 minutes. 

No, the session is your time and will move at your pace. You can say as little or as much as you want and disclose whatever you need to at the present time. You will not be pressured to say or do anything you are not ready or comfortable with.

I only work with individuals over the age of 18 and there is no upper limit.

Hypnotherapy online is just as safe as face to face. Hypnotherapy uses words and suggestions that can be replicated online and have the same effect as face to face. During hypnosis you are in control and if you are interrupted during a session you will easily be able to attend to anything you need. You CANNOT get stuck in hypnosis.